Monumental Figurative works

The Circle

This painting is on the ceiling of the rotunda entrance to a private Bel Air residence in Los Angeles, California. It is 43’ high and some 30’ in diameter. The visual demands of such a soaring architectural space far exceed the capacity of any commonly used strictly “decorative” type of work.

The composition consists of four winged female figures, reminding of Muses that are depicted playing musical instruments. The figures are each over twelve feet tall with a wingspan of about twenty feet. Each of the allegorical figures represent a part of the day through the sound of music she plays and this, in turn, symbolizes a stage of life.

The oversized scale of figures, dynamically rendered in strong foreshortenings and combined with muted, light, airy colors intend to bring a sense of weightlessness to the fresco while still maintaining its impact and conveying eternal motion.

The overall project took eighteen months to complete.

“The circle”      372” in diameter acrylic on dry wall, Bel Air Residence

Torn Beauty Series