Alexey Steele Self Portrait
Forty Day Beard. Self Portrait

Alexey Steele

is an award-winning visual artist with a background of the Russian representational school. Born in Kiev, Ukraine, he began art training at an early age in the studio of his father Leonid Steele, a renowned Soviet Union artist. Alexey attended the prestigious Surikov Art Institute of the Soviet Academy of Arts in Moscow. He moved to Los Angeles in 1990.

Mr. Steele is best known for his large-scale figurative works in oil and on paper, portraiture, andplein-air landscapes.  His works have been commissioned, exhibited and recognized throughout California, Europe, and Asia.

He is also the founder of the critically acclaimed “Classical Underground,”a classical music and visual art project and of the Award Wining “Love My Neighbor” project in the difficult and long marginalized neighborhood in the City of Carson, California. In 2019 Alexey Steele had been appointed the first Artist Laureate of Culver City, California.

alexey steele

Mediums & Genres

Oil Painting

Figure, Portrait, Plein Air Landscape

Works on Paper

Portrait, Figure

Public Art

Sculpture, Installation

Art as Social Action

Social Experiments, Force of the Society, Identity and Branding

“Steele paints tender, even erotically charged, depictions of male and female lovers, and hugely scaled canvases of fantastical scenes that evoke a new mythology. His cartoons, rendered in colored Conte crayon, evoke the refinement and expertise of a Raphael or Leonardo or Pontormo, but on a Herculean Scale.”

“Rarely in the world of art does one encounter such a superb and completely unique artist…”

“Both in the process by which it was created and the diverse students it portrays, ‘Learners’ captures the essence of Cal State Dominguez Hills and its goal to wield the power of diversity, lifelong learning, and collaboration for a more promising future. I was honored to play a small part in Alexey’s process, and proud the students depicted in ‘Learners’ reflect an even brighter future for Cal State Dominguez Hills and its surrounding communities.”


Selection of Paintings and Works on Paper

Land and Sea

Plein Air Landscapes


Hero Cycle

Multi - Figure Works

Torn Beauty


Un-Common Man


Reality of The Unseen


The Dawn


The Circle




Angel of Unity






Projects & Programs

In a collaboration with Artward Initiative non-profit the variety of social action and cultural outreach projects designed and initiated by Alexey Steele have been funded in part and supported by The City of Carson, Culver City, Bank of America, California Arts Counsil, National Endowment For Humanities, California Humanities and Wells Fargo Bank, recognized by California Parks and Recreation Society(CPRS) as well as covered by media including Los Angeles Times and Gramaphone Magazine.  Thank you to an amazing civic and philanthropic community that supports art as a tool of the community building.

California Creative Corps

In 2023 upon rigorous review process Alexey Steele was selected as the first year member of the state of California new California Arts Council program California Creative Corps aimed to increase the impact of the arts on California communities.

Artist Laureate:
Art and Society

In 2020 Alexey Steele had been appointed the first Artist Laureate of Culver City, California to a two year term which was extended through 2022

Love My Neighbor:
An Award Winning Project

In collaboration with Artward Initiative non profit Alexey Steele conceptualized and spearheading the Love My Neighbor art intervention and social action project .

Classical Underground: Critically Acclaimed Project

A cross discipline immersive cultural experiment combining classical music and visual art forms and focusing on the intent of art

Leonid Steele:
The Legacy to The Art of The Soviet Union

Alexey Steele's father was an important Soviet artist with a rich artistic life and career in the 50s, 60s and70s in Ukraine, 80s in Russia and 90s, 2000s in the United States

Peace For Ukraine

This war is a tragedy. This war is a crime. This tragedy and this crime shall stop. There is no alternative to peace. This site is the project to build a platform for art and artists raising their voice and applying their art to support peace process.

High Art Forever:
Alexey Steele Blog

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Gallery Representation

American Legacy Fine Arts represents Alexey's recent landscapes and figure works