Multi-Figure Works

The Dawn

“The Dawn” is a culmination of 15 years in my artistic search. It is the most significant work to date both stylistically and personally.

It is a product of a long quest for finding the most powerful and convincing way of expressing the type of Imagery that affect our imagination deeply and expresses truth about our current condition.  It is a look at our reality and the unseen forces behind it.

It is a visual statement and product of my thinking on visual language and social purpose of ART today, which we call NOVOREALISM and which is capable of adequately reflecting our world in turmoil.

This expressive language is based on an inseparable unity of the classical ideal and form with realist color that reflects our modern sensibility, making ART an experiential and emphatic act of contemplating contemporary reality.

The work is conceived as an epic saga spanning the wide range of visual themes that affect senses. The magic, majesty and the promise of a fleeting moment just before sun breaks through a dark horizon and the world is filled with the glow of ever expanding and imminently rising Light. The modern day Madonna invokes the sanctity of Motherhood and of a blissful paradise, an island of Love, in midst of a dark infinite expanse where forces much beyond our control fight threats we do not see. We don’t know what they are, but feel their presence.

The status quo of the world is crumbling all around us, yet the force of life is inextinguishable and the mystery of a new life holds the Future in its hands, in fact being more powerful than all forces of the world.

The unveiling of the work at WOAS coincided with the last days of the Mayan Calendar which are seen not as a particular moment or an event, but as a perfect symbol signifying the vastly transformative nature of our times.

The world will go on, and it is up to us to chart its future course but for this to happen we need a revolution of an inspired and elevated consciousness…as we greet  “The Dawn”

Alexey Steele

“The Dawn” oil on linen 77” X 186”

Torn Beauty Series