Figurative Works

Reality of The Unseen

One of the most fascinating parts of the figurative field in art for me is the ability to build own world that would become just as real as the world around.

This is the reason and the goal for a life-long learning, for constantly defining and redefining what is it that makes the world real, which part of the world around us can make part of that other world.  Learning the rules of this world to construct my own.

In many respects every painting I make whether landscape, portrait or figurative work is aimed at capturing something hidden from the every day eye. Something that objectively exists, but is not apparent.  Something that makes  the world the way it appears, but is different than just an appearance. 

Ability to capture this “something” is what makes works real, but in the different than usual way. 

"Battle of Angels" oil on canvas, 36" x 60"

Torn Beauty Series